About the Artist

Marianela Toledo

Marianela Toledo Gentv Canal 8Marianela Toledo is a professional  journalist, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In high school, she developed an appreciation for the news environment where she had the opportunity to often work in a local TV news station and host the "weather" segment of the news program. This fostered Marianela's desire to be a career journalist. After high school, she attended Universidad de Morón, where she graduating with a degree in Journalism. Since then she has been reporting for several TV programs, including: Telefe Noticias, WUVF Univision, Gentv Canal 8, TVA Noticias, Canal 26, and newspapers, El Mundo.es and Mercado de Dinero USA.

Marianela is now a professional freelance news reporter and financial writer. She lives in Miami, Florida, with her family.

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